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The Making of
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The Science of
"Our Curiosity"

Curiosity on Mars

On August 5th, 2012, the Mars Science Laboratory's Curiosity Rover dropped out of the sky and onto the dusty red floor of Gale Crater. Over the last two years, Curiosity - under the direction of an international team of scientists and engineers - has studied its surroundings with the most advanced payload ever taken to another planet. By sniffing, scooping, drilling, and zapping, the rover has exposed Gale Crater's remarkable past, complete with fresh water that would have been chemically suitable for life.

The best part? The past two years are just the beginning. Gale Crater was selected as Curiosity's landing site because of the enormous layered mound at its center. The team will study these layers like chapters in a book as the rover ascends, carrying our exploratory aspirations ever upward.

Mars may be a world away, but you can follow along with every step of the mission. Follow your curiosity...and the links below:


We made this film and page for you.

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